Citikids Academy

24 Aug 2018

SSDB Project Amigos x Dignity Mama - Session 2

Welcome CiTiKiDS Academy!

“Do Not Disturb, Artist at work!”

Upon arrival our CiTiKiDDOS saw a new face in the stall! Amigo Jie Cheng drawing a welcome note!

Donation of books📚

This time, our CiTiKiDDOS did not come empty-handed! They brought along some preloved books from home!

Back to work!

You know the drill CiTiKiDDOS! Get cracking!

A small token from our Amigos

Thank you Amigos for the handmade notebooks! 📒 Also, thank you for teaching and helping us during our time at the stall.

Thank you and Goodbye Amigos!

A final group photo before we bid goodbye. Hope to see you again Amigos!

Project Amigos x Dignity Mama is surely a great success to promote awareness of inclusion and people with disabilities to our children.

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