Radhiatul Mardhiyah Bte Mustaffa

7oaks Preschool - Pasir Ris St. 11

Radhiatul Mardhiyah Bte Mustaffa
3 Oct 2018

Playdate with SPD!

To close our SSDB collaboration with SPD, our students & teachers made a trip to the SPD centre to have a play session with their students! 

Our children were taught to be calm to help the SPD students warm up to them. We were so amazed at the activities there! They had a sand play room, water play area and so much more! 

We were made to understand that these facilities aided the students with special needs to help meet their learning needs. 

We even tried out their equipment and played group games with the SPD students. We were all very happy! It was fun! 

As our SSDB project comes to a close our students and teachers learn how similar to us our special friends are. We understand now that we should be understanding and accomodating towards them. 

It has been a fun and enriching experience for all of us. In the future we will keep working with SPD to strengthen our partnership with them for the benefit of our students and theirs. 

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