Siti Rahmah Bte Muhd Haider

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sembawang Blk 789 (kn)

Siti Rahmah Bte Muhd Haider
1 Sep 2018

Making our community a better place by Pcf Sparkletots Preschool@Sembawang Blk 789

We started our project by having a reflective discussion on our community. We then branch out differents ways that we can help to make our community better. We decided to give back to our community through learning more about people with learning disabilities.As we were researching and learning more people with learning disabilities, we came across MINDS and how their thrift shops helps to train students with learning disabilities to learn about value of money, building their social skills and preparing them for the workforce. We discovered that the items sold in the thrift shops are from the donations from members of the community.As such, we decided to do a pre loved item donation drive for the MINDS Shop at Woodlands Gardens on the eve of National Day in line with this year National Day campaign and theme: 18 days of giving-a lifetime caring, We are Singapore /#aNationthatcares. Our donation drive was a success!! Our parents, children and staffs donated their pre loved items generously. The children then sorted out the donated items accordingly and packed them in boxes.Smile of satisfaction can be seen clearly on their faces as they proudly packed the donations with great enthusiasm. The children also developed an interest in learning sign language as we learned that students in MINDS uses key word signing to communicate effectively. With that, the children went on to find out more about ASL alphabets which they learned them through the alphabet song and basic sign language such as “Hello”,”Goodbye”,”Thank you” and “You’re welcome”. Now they are looking forward to learning more songs using ASL. Our project was a sucess!! Now we are looking forward to learn more about people with learning or physical disabilities.

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