Ong En Hui

Gentle Road (GR)

Ong En Hui
31 Aug 2018

Giving back: Bonding with the Elderly

We took a trip to St Luke’s Eldercare to visit the Elderly and spent some time to bond with them 😊

The children started with a round of self introduction. We are happy to see the smiles on the faces of the Elderly as the children entered and greeted them!

We continued with performances, exercises and games with the Elderly!

Time flew by and soon it was time to go. We were really touched that the simple actions of the children could bring such joy to the elderly.

The children indeed made a difference in the Elderly’s usual routine and brought smiles to their faces.

Simple companionship may be just what they were looking for but long forgotten and neglected by others.

We gave the Elderly hugs before saying goodbye to them.

We will see you soon! 🖐🏻❤

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