Chng Shu Min

St. James' Church Kindergarten (Leedon)

Chng Shu Min
13 Sep 2018

Stories of People: Reaching Out to Others

The Kindergarten 2 children embarked on a community outreach for their project ‘Stories of People’. They went to St Luke’s Eldercare (Bukit Timah Centre) and Lions Befrienders @ 366 Clementi. Besides performing for the elderly and playing games with them, the elderly also shared their life stories. From the interviews, the children found out about the elderly’s childhood, what they like to eat and what they used to work as.

One grandpa wrote a letter immediately after the interview thanking the children for the visit, and encouraged the child who interviewed him to continue caring for the less fortunate.

Towards the end of the community outreach, the children compiled their drawings and the information collected, into a book, which will be shared with the elderly care centres and everyone in the school community.

It has been an enriching learning journey for the children as they learned how to relate to others, appreciate life, show gratitude and share blessings with others.

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