Shakilah Binte Mohamad Shariff

Citikids Academy

Shakilah Binte Mohamad Shariff
16 Apr 2018

SSDB Project Amigos Launch Party

Enjoy the short clip of our Launch Party!

Launch Party Begins!

At 6pm, we started our Launch Party with our CiTiKiDDies and their parents!

Opening Ceremony!

Shortly after the presentation, we had our opening ceremony for “Project Amigos”! Everyone gets together for a group photo before parents and children head to the different stations!

Physical Disability

At the Physical Disability station, parents and children get to experience painting with foot and moving around on the wheelchair!

Visual Impairment

At the Visual Impairment station, children get to try writing their names in braille and experience how it feels like to move and feel objects in the dark!

Hearing Impairment

At the Hearing Impairment station, parents and children experience communicating using sign language and lip-reading! Children also get to hear the sounds of different instrument while wearing a headphone!

Communication/Speech Disorder

This station requires the children to act out the message depicted in a picture, without using words!

More about People who are different!

Here, parents and children get to learn more about people who are equally ABLE to accomplish great achievements despite their disabilities! 

Here are two screens, with one showing blurred images and another showing how people with dyslexia experience difficulty in reading words and sentences.

Project Amigos aims to promote awareness to our children about persons with disabilities. Over the next few months, CiTiKiDs children will get to meet people who are different and befriend with them! That explains the title of our project! Amigos, which means friends!

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