Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
10 Aug 2018

NurtureStars Punggol working hand in hand with parents to help them raise up preschoolers with virtues and values! A Father's Day collaboration with Centre for Fathering and NurtureStars Punggol!

It’s important that early childhood educators and parents work together to develop resilience in children as early as possible. By creating a consistent, secure and fair social environment, with clear expectations and predictable consequences, children can develop skills in managing themselves and their emotions.

That’s exactly what NurtureStars Punggol did by reaching out to parents especially fathers during our Father’s Day Celebration cum Parenting Workshop by Centre for Fathering! On 13th July 2018, the stage was set, goodie bags were prepared and we opened our doors to warmly welcome the parents because we knew the parents were in for a treat!

‘It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.’ —Pope John XXIII

Children from Pre-Nursery 2 and Kindergarten 2 classes performed a special song dedication with all their heart for the real-life superhero, their dads! Throughout the training process for the performance, children were taught the importance of being thankful and appreciating their fathers for their endless sacrifice and hardwork! It was indeed an heart warming moment to behold the faces of the parents present, beaming with pride when their children were performing! You could simply tell by one look at the number of mobile devices whipped out to video their kids’ performances.

You would have thought that the children stole the limelight but in actual fact, it was Mr Parcsen Loke, an educator, trainer cum speaker. He is serving in the social service sector, helping couples in strengthening their marriages through Marriage Preparation programmes and Marriage Enrichment workshops. He is an accredited facilitator of the Customised Relationship Inventory and qualified Leader of the Gottman’s Seven Principles Program for Making Marriage Work. Currently, Parcsen is a Family Life Educator and Coach at the Centre For Fathering. Parcsen is married to his wife of 28 years and has three wonderful children. His eldest daughter, 27, was recently married.

The topic of our Parenting Workshop was, ‘Two Are Better Than One!’ From the talk, parents were helped to understand that a child needs both parents - a father and a mother - in order for healthy social, psychological, physiological, emotional and cognitive development. Mr Loke highlighted that there is a culture shift with regards to fathering in this era. He spoke about ‘The Millennial Dad’ who wants to be more involved but yet are faced by some obstacles standing in his way. Mr Loke revealed what these obstacles were and how they could be avoided.

The highlight of entire workshop was the Q&A session when parents spoke up and asked Mr Loke for answers to their burning questions! It was a a time of fun and laughter, for mums and dads!

At the end of the workshop, fathers were presented with ‘Dads For Life’ car decals, stickers and brochures which even mums came to grab for their spouse who was not present. We prepared a feedback form for parents and we were glad to receive positive feedback from all our parents who attended the workshop!

As a centre, NurtureStars Punggol will actively continue to organise such meaningful workshop to help parents raise the quality of their parenting which will evidently benefit the holistic development of the children! #SSDB2018

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