Carpe Diem SchoolHouse

25 Sep 2018

SSDB 2018 Shop for a Cause: Joy in Sharing

This year Carpe Diem Schoolhouse continued our working relationship with Hannah Activity Senior Centre and Toh Yi Community Gardern as we collaborated to come up with a Flea Market Activity that would benefit the elders from St. Luke’s Hospital. From June to August we our children, parents, teachers and community partners have been working hand in hand to plan activities and marketing strategies that we can do for our flea market day. To start of the project, we had a launching day where kids learned more about our SSDB project. They enjoyed it so much and had a lot of ideas to share.Prior to the big day, St. Luke’s representative, Mr. Shane Kwan visited our centre to share with our children about the importance of sharing and caring for our adults. Our K2 children also visited Hannah Senior Activity Centre to exercise with the elders and invite them to join us in the event. Everyone was very hands on with everything. Kids made their own craftworks, parents and neighbours donated used clothes, toys and household items. Gardeners sold fresh salad and potted plants. The elefers from Hannah Senior Centre baked cakes and muffins, made ice popsicle and sold other pastries. On the day of our flea market activity which was on 3 August 2018, many parents volunteered to help out in selling various items. All teachers worked together and children showcased their interpersonal skills as they invited people to buy the goods. All in all we had great sales which we all donated to St. Luke’SHospital. Truly this year’s Start Small Dream Big inculcated in children the real essence of caring and sharing towards adults and other people.

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