Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
5 Oct 2018

Nurturestars Punggol's Little Entrepreneur Project 2018 - Annual Fund Raising Carnival for Ju Eng Home for Seniors!

NurtureStars takes great pride each year in organising the ‘Little Entrepreneur Project’ (LEP) to raise funds for our beneficiary, Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens! This year, after much brainstorming, we decided to organise a fundraising carnival.

The highlight: Our K2 children worked hard together with their teachers to created their very own ‘Simple Machine’ themed carnival games! The booths were also manned by our versatile children from K2. The children understood that despite monetary contributions, voluntary work such as raising of funds can also be done to help others!

Children from other levels also worked with their respective teachers to create the carnival games.

We had an exclusive parent-child bonding activity too! Parent-child pairs actively participated in the mass Zumba session and there was simply so much hype and it brought the carnival mood to life!

Other special features of our LEP carnival includes parent volunteers having booths such as balloon sculpting and sale of handicrafts! All their sales proceeds were donated towards our cause!

Even our cook and kitchen helper were inspired by the children and prepared our local favourite, chicken rice with century egg and the healthy carnival food, steamed corn in a cup. They also served warm milo and nutritious Roselle drinks! Yummy! And of course, needless to say everything was sold out within 2 hours!

Just like the children’s smile, their act of giving is indeed contagious and they inspired their parents and even our staff to contribute and participate actively in our event!

Overall, the LEP fundraising carnival was a great success and we managed to raise $2500/- for our beneficiary, Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens! Bravo, children of NurtureStars Punggol!

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