Tan Pei Qi

MOE Kindergarten @ Westwood

Tan Pei Qi
30 Sep 2018

Love Spreads from the Garden - Pollination and Spreading of the Children’s Love

Just like last year, our children visited NTUC Health Nursing Home (Jurong West) to celebrate and spread the love to the residents. This was in conjunction with National Day since it was the month of Singapore’s birthday. This time round, we also invited parents to join us for this amazing experience.

Two children from each class represented our school to interact with the residents through a fun day filled with songs, dances, games and art and craft activities. These children were dubbed the MK Values Ambassadors as they embodied the values we believe in; Respect, Honesty, Perseverance and Confidence.

Our MK Values Ambassadors. See how proud our children are with their sashes. They are our role models!

Prior to their visit, the families also made generous donations-in-kind for the Nursing Home. This included instant tea/coffee/cereal and biscuits.

Look at all these generous donations-in-kind from our families! We’re so thankful for their contributions! (:

On the day of the visit, we had a round of preparation to make sure we deliver a great performance and needless to say, the children were all so enthusiastic about the visit!

Let’s practise our singing and dance moves!

“Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us” - Oscar Wilde

Let’s look through the memory we have created with the residents..

We will miss the residents and we hope to see them again!

Thank you to our parents/grandparents/caregivers for their participation in this event too!

It’s our last story of the year! Did you realize something special with each story from our centre? From Seeding to Germination, Growth, Reproduction, Pollination and Spreading Seeds, these are the life cycle of a plant! Let’s hope our children’s love for the Nature follows the cycle and becomes evergrowing!

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