Nurhidayah Binte Dorahman

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sembawang West Blk 780D (CC)

Nurhidayah Binte Dorahman
1 Sep 2018

H is for healthier you, a healthier us!

On 22nd June, our centre has celebrated ‘Parents’ Day’ based on the theme “Healthy Living” our K1s and K2s were in for a healthy date with their parents!

For the first segment, the children and parents were tasked to choose from amongst the variety of fruits and vegetables provided for the “Food Art”. Working hand in hand, the participants were busy with work, creating a healthy and an eye-catching masterpiece! The aim of the activity was to allow quality communication between parents and child as well as inculcating healthy eating habits! Check out their creations! We were indeed amazed with the beautiful master pieces. 

Next up, the participants grooved along to the beats and rhythm of the Zumba music! The aim of the activity was to allow parents to have fun with their children though dancing.

We know that our participants had a splendid time together! We’ve learnt that spending time doing meaningful activities together is one of the best ways to keep our body, mind and sould healthy and a way to form new and fond memories! Happy Parents’ Day!

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