ChampKids' Academy

22 Jul 2018

Share your Smile, Donate Benevolently

The objective of ChampKids’ Academy SSDB Donation Drive 2018 came with a caption “Share Your Smile and Donate Benevolently”. Simply SSDB!

The K1 and K2 children participated in the designing of flyers to promote the donation drive and distributed to the parents. Children joined their parents to shop for their donations. Importantly the children understood the objective and their intention which is doing their part in giving back to the society and reaching out to the community with a belief “ Start Small Dream Big”.

On Friday, 4th May, parents and children brought in their groceries to the school. Their generosity has made this donation drive a success. Parents donated varieties of household items and foodstuff to our beneficiary- Singapore Children’s Society. Teachers participated in the packing and counting the amount of groceries received by the parents.

We are very proud that we are able to receive the targeted amount which is $2008.68. Because we SHARE SMILE AND DONATE BENEVOLENTLY!

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