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30 Aug 2018

Our Charity Bazaar

On 31st July, we held our charity bazaar in the K2 classroom. We worked hand in hand with the non-profit organisation, World Vision, to raise funds for the improvement of education for children of third world countries.

Children from all five classes created items from recycled materials for sale during the bazaar.

A month prior to the bazaar, we started the collection for parents to donate any amount they desired. In return, they would receive coupons to purchase items during the bazaar.

On bazaar day, each class set up their own booth for sale of their items! Don’t they look wonderful? :)

From the collection and sales on the actual day, we raised a total of $1535!

We were utterly amazed and overjoyed with the amount raised. The children were in awe of how much they have helped children who are less fortunate than them.

The children expressed that this experience was meaningful and helping others brought a lot of joy to them. Some of them said when they grow up, they would want to help others for a living.

As an educator, this moment will be counted as one of the greatest joys in my life.

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