Clarissa Koh Ai Yun

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Eunos Blk 134 (CC)

Clarissa Koh Ai Yun
12 Sep 2018

Stretch Out, Reach out! @ PCF SPARKLETOTS EUNOS BLK 134

We are glad to be a part of the SSDB project and everyone was in our best spirit to show love for one another and the community

In alignment with our Centre’s Vision ‘’Creative Learners“ and “Children with Characters” we are motivated by our kindness and courage to give back to the community in our little ways.  We embarked and pledge ourselves to continue working with our parents on projects and activities that show kindness, care and are beneficiary to the organisation that we work with. This year we will be focusing on what it means to reach out and share the little things we have to make other children happy. In doing so, children will be encouraged with the help of their parents in sewing innovative crafts that will be given to the children in Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

 At the end of the event, our children contributed their vey own art piece to show appreciation of the partnership..

We would be extending our proceeds and knowledge to the children with disabilities particularly those with Cerebral Palsy. Regardless of the disabilities we will be able to uplift them with what they can and motivate them to see their worth as individuals. Together with the teachers in the Cerebral Palsy centre, we had planned some fun filled games such as musical chairs and mini golf. Despite the competition among the children, both centre’s children helped one another to win the games together. Working with a goal to make a difference, we will join hands to make it happen and make our country a place of love, compassion, empthay and courage. We will continue to value each and everyone, with simple things to do, with the littlest that we have, with whatever we can to touch lives and make a difference.

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