Koh Mei Ching Adeline

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines East Blk 261 (kn)

Koh Mei Ching Adeline
30 Aug 2018

Sensorial Connections @ Blk 261

And it’s a wrap!

The kids and their families donated a total of $4176.00 for the President’s Challenge!

We chose Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped as our beneficiary.

Though the amount collected was impressive, what was more valuable was the experience that each of our 160 children and their families went through.

The teachers merely acted as the facilitators and the children mostly took charge - from writing letters to organizations to request for sponsorships to packing the goodie bags to leading their parents around for the activities.

We coincided the cheque presentation with the last part of our SSDB project so that our parents and their children (the main contributors) can witness the presentation.

We invited representatives from SAVH (Mdm Fauziah) and NCSS (Ms Juliana) to receive the cheque.

Post Project Feedback

We gave out the specially printed booklets from ECDA and had children record their thoughts in the book.

Parents also gave their feedback.

Many were also happy to share the experience and felt that they learned quite a bit from the experience too.

We are glad that this has been a successful and meaningful project. With this wrap-up, we would also like to give thanks to these people:

For helping in this Project:

The Children and their Families of Blk 261

The Staff and Teachers of Blk 261

The PSG Committee of Blk 261

The Parent Volunteers of Blk 261

For sponsoring the items needed for the activities:

Symmatrix Solution (Pte.) Ltd: Mineral Water

Johnson & Johnson: Body Lotion

Laze Society: Rental of Beanbags

Staff of Blk 261: Food items and Misc

Mrs Angie Neo: Blindfolds

Mr Winston Koh: Tissues

Mr Abdul Rashid: Towels

And also for making the time and effort to spend two Saturdays together to make this SSDB Project a fruitful and memorable experience.

We would also like to thank ECDA for having this initiative and allowing us to be a part of it.

“Caring for Others, Together!”

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