MY World @ Yishun Blk 760

31 Aug 2018

Mozzie Wipe-Out

As we continued with our Start Small, Dream Big project, the children were introduced to the different parts of the Mosquito and its life cycle.

The children and the teacher also went looking for possible spots of mosquito breeding. As they were looking for possible breeding spots, the children mentioned that certain items can be recycled instead of throwing it around in the neighbourhood. 

Parents were also involved during the project. The children and their parents created posters on Mozzie Wipe-Out. The children were so excited to share on their poster-making to their friends!

We also invited a parent over to the centre to have a sharing session with the children. She shared on some of the dangers of Dengue and talk about some ways to protect themselves from mosquito bite.

The children ended the project by creating  their own Mozzie Wipe-Out song!

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