Maimon Bte Sopan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cashew Blk 183 (CC)

Maimon Bte Sopan
4 Sep 2018

Story 1- PCF Sparkletots @ Cashew Blk 183 - Start Small Dream Big Launch Party 2018


On 6th April 2018, children and teachers at PCF Sparkletots Cashew 183 launched the project with a pledge to keep the environment clean to save the endangered animals. During the launch party, children watched videos on various endangered animals and found out why they become endangered. Children got to observed first-hand on how a hot climate affect a polar bear habitat. Afterwards, they played games in relation to the topic. Lastly, children and teachers brainstormed on ways we can start small in playing a part to save these endangered animals.

Watching videos of various endangered animals.

Children watched videos on different animals such as tigers, turtles and polar bears. We discussed about the different human activities that causes negative effect on the environment and the animals. Children became aware of the small steps they could play in helping the animals, for example; keep environment or save electricity.

Observing the effect of global warming.

Children observed the ice in a hot room. Teachers made connection of this activity to the effect of global warming on polar bears and their habitat.

Save the fishes!

Yeah! We saved one fish!

Children observed and talked about fishes living in a dirty environment. Nowadays, people littered plastics, bottles, straws and containers at the beach that causes the marine animals to get hurt by it.

Rangers to the rescue!!!

Rangers to protect the wildlife animals by throwing a crushed paper balls at the poachers.

Children are aware that certain animals were killed due to poaching. Due to that, these animals are listed under the endangered animals, for example, tigers, rhinoceros, elephant and sea turtles.

Run Home Polar Bears!!!

After experiencing the effect of global warming, children pretended to be polar bears that were running away from the melting ice and be safely home.

The team from Cashew for SSDB 2018.

After the launch, children are more aware of what are endangered animals and the negative action of human activites that causes harm towards them. Children came up with various ideas on ways they could play in helping to keep the environment safe for animals. (E.g. reduce plastic usage, keeping the environment clean and green) Although children gain knowledge on deforestation, global warming and pollution, these are still big topics that children could not experience it directly. We decided to work on butterflies in Singapore on the next part of the project as there is a decrease in numbers and sadly some species are already listed under ‘endangered’. With the benefit of having a school garden, children will get the opportunity to experience first hand on what they could do in helping these beautiful critters.

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