Maimon Bte Sopan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cashew Blk 183 (CC)

Maimon Bte Sopan
4 Sep 2018

Story 2- PCF Sparkletots @ Cashew Blk 183 - Further Discussion on human activities that causes animals to get hurt as well as the environment.

Our Earth is sad.

After the virtual launch of the project, we spoke more about each of the negative action of human activities that causes animals to be endangered as well as the affecting our environment. Children shared their views based on their prior knowledge they had through reading books, watching news or discoveries and many more.

Teacher introduced new vocabulary to the children such as ‘pollution’, ‘deforestation’ and ‘global warming.

After that, children discussed and shared ideas on ways they can contribute to help the environment. They wrote it on the SSDB stars.

The K2 children learnt that the polar bears are affected very much by global warming. Therefore, they decided to pledge to reduce electricity in school and at home. For example, switch off the lights when no one is in the room, use fan in the day and at night, switch off tv after watching and many more.

Through the activities above, children had become more aware of their actions to maintain cleanliness in school as well as at home and look out for each other’s actions so that they are not hurting the environment and animals.

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