Low Lian Choo Angeline

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cashew Blk 545 (EY)

Low Lian Choo Angeline
5 Sep 2018

Garden of Love

This year for SSDB 2018, we start our Garden of Love.

We collaborate with our Town Council & RC Zone 5 in our mini garden project.

Our empty plot of land was transformed into a Spice Garden within weeks. Thanks to RC Zone 5 who provided us with plants to put in the garden. Uncle David from the RC came to teach us on how to take care of the plants and talked about the usefulness of the plants too.

The K1 and K2 children started the ball rolling by painting garden creatures crafts to decorate the garden.

During our annual Go Green event in May, our Advisor, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan graced the opening of our Spice Garden.

Children visit the Spice Garden daily to water and take care of the plants. Much as the children understood that plants need sunlight, water and air to grow, they also learnt that plants need love and care just like all humans.

Children put their green fingers to the test when they started to plant some seeds in the garden and watched their plants grow.

Tending our Spice Garden has thus helped our children to cultivate a sense of responsibility in taking care of the plants and the environment.

We hope what the children experienced in their gardening activities will etch in their memories. Moving forward, we hope to have another garden where we can share our fruits of labour with the community.

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