Patricia Khoo Siew Hua

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ang Mo Kio - Hougang Blk 929 (KN)

Patricia Khoo Siew Hua
25 Aug 2018


SSDB project Title : Mission with Love

In collaboration with the Soles for Souls programme, the centre hosted a shoe drive for a month to create an awareness in children that they can contribute by donating their pairs of used shoes to those in developing countries who need them most.

Kids donating shoes that were collected from their families and neighbours

The Processes:-

The teachers have incorporated the message of “Recycling” into their lessons and shared useful tips with the children, their friends and families in making good use of meaningful opportunities in including and providing used shoes for those in need around the world.

Kids creating awareness through their own posters

There was a learning journey organized for the children to send the used shoes they had collected to the organization warehouse in Kallang Bahru.

The director toured the staff, children and parents around. 

Kids delivering shoes to the collection centre

The children were very impressed at the number of used shoes and even new pairs of shoes donated to be ready for shipment to the developing countries.

The school too had initiated community engagement with parents and the neighbourhood to donate used shoes for the project.

Kid’s family member depositing shoes at our centre 

Project Evaluation:

The team has contributed by working together to bring across the important message of our mission with love.

It has also created awareness across our community on the significant impact of the 3 Rs when children brought this project back home and went around the neighbourhood to perform the tasks for their projects

We also got more support from parents and worked closely with the community to get more used shoes to donate to the organization.

Together we achieve more

Project challenges:

Due to space constraint, teachers had difficulty sorting out used shoes and placing them in cartons boxes.

We overcame this by learning some recycling methods ourselves e.g. ‘categorising’ and engaged proper vendor to help us manage the recycled items, and at the same time we passed these on to the children.

We had an overwhelming response

Project Reflection:

This project has enriched the lives of our children under our charge as they become ambassadors and sustainers for the gift of giving and allowed them to take charge of doing something meaningful about making a change in our new society. 

Glad to be of service to the community 

We intend to extend and continue our effort in this project with new addition activities to become an eco-friendly school in addition to donating new designed shoes with a gift of love for the children in the developing countries to remember us the children of Singapore.

Supportive parents are our backbone

Thank you

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