Oh Bee Nah Kathleen

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sembawang Blk 786b (kn)

Oh Bee Nah Kathleen
13 Oct 2017

Little Kindness cum Jungle Trail (Final phase SSDB 2017) PCF SPARKLETOTS PRESCHOOL @ SEMBAWANG BLOCK 786B

In this final phase of SSDB project, we participated in Singapore Children Society Event on “A Little Kindness - Lots of Joys!”

The event is for parents and child to buy items made by children (e.g. Hand made soap, crafts and recycled items). Then after, they can enjoy on a jungle trail (set up by all staff). They love the jungle trail as there are few game stations for them to explore and encounter with different wild animals.

We believe that children, in their own ways, can make a difference to other children in need. On this extraordinary day (Childten’s Day), we would like to spread the message of love and charity amongst the young ones and foster the good values of compassion and giving. At the end of the fund raising event, we collected in total S$700.00 in cash from generous parents and staff and donated to SINGAPORE CHILDREN SOCIETY.

Through this SSDB project, we can “Help build another child’s life.”

Our staff and I reflected at the end of the project that it is purposeful and meaningful engagement for children and adults. We look forward to participate in SSDB next year!

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