Caroline Phua Noi Kiang

Tots & Teddies

Caroline Phua Noi Kiang
20 Aug 2018

Conserve water, conserve life

Tots and Teddies children embarked on the project on conserving water. Some of the children shared that water comes from the rain, rivers and oceans. While others shared that we buy them from Malaysia. Water is essentially important for all living things around us. How can we help to save it?

The playgroup children did a poster. “Every drop water counts”

At the same time, they did a fish craft showing that water is extremely important to the fishes. It is their habitat and they need it for survival.

The Pre-Nursery children did a hanging mobile of where we get our water from -Rain drops. They also did crafts to demonstrate the importance of water to living things - plants.

The kindergarten children wrote down and drew out why we humans need water and how we can do our part to save it.

“We can use a mug to rinse our mouth while we brush our teeth“

“We can take shorter showers”

“We can recycle water by using the water we wash rice to water the plants”

To summarize our learning. The children visited NEWater to find out how it recycles our dirty water into clean water for Singapore to use again. They got to experience water it is like for a water molecule to undergo treatment. 

It was a enriching learning experience for the children and they understood why it is important not to waste water and how it can also save lives.

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