Children's Cove

31 Aug 2018

Recycle- a way of life

As we embark upon recycling, we decided to make it into a habit. We divided our June holidays to learning on paper, plastic, water and metal. We wanted to know more on the different items and how we can upcycle the item.


We look at different items which are made of paper and how can we upcycle them. We begin to notice the items which we thought are made of other materials, but are actually made from paper. 

We decided to paint and turn a cupboard into a tall building and did a paper collage too. We had a good time upcycling the cupboard boxes. 


We had a wonderful week conserving water! We attempted the bucket challenge, whereby we are have to use one bucket of water to do 6 chores.  We worked as a team to complete the tasks in record time. Initially, we doubted we would be able to use only one bucket. When we went about doing the chores, we made sure we used as minimal amount of water. When all the chores were done, we still had half a bucket left.  

We also attempted to build a dam using Lego. We observed how dams in other countries are used to conserve water and generate electricity. We noticed that we have to build the walls from stronger material to ensure that water does not deep through. 

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