Children's Cove

31 Aug 2018

Recycling Metal & Plastic - a way of life

For the last two weeks of June, we attempted to recycle metal and plastic. We want to find out more on what is the difference between metal and plastic and how can we recycle them.


We have seen metal in our surroundings, but we did not notice it. We went around the school identifying items made of metal and how weare using them in our daily lives. We did an experiment to using aluminum foil to light up a light bulb.

We were shocked when the light bulb light up! We observed we have to fold the aluminum foil to ensure there is a connection between the foil and bulb.

We also upcycle metal items to make into art. There were many CDs donated by parents which we decided to upcycle into art pieces.

Using a kitchen roll, we wrapped aluminum foil around it and then painted. It was a great experience painting on aluminum foil as it felt smooth and slippery.


We looked at the different items which are made of plastics. There were many items made from plastic, but it is made from different types of plastic. Some plastic were made into containers while others into plastic bags. We sorted through the different plastics into different boxes. We had fun! 

We learn so much fun learning through recycling. Through recycling we learn that not all items had to be thrown out. We can always give our recyables a new life.

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