Ms. Nur

Little Footprints Preschool (Yishun366)

Ms. Nur
31 Aug 2018

SSDB 2018 : Little Footprints Preschool (Yishun 366) - Walking on Greens follow up activities

Our N2s shared their views on how we can be part of saving the Earth and some examples of what we can do to be of help in keeping the Earth green. Let’s hear on what they’ve got to say!

Not only did they share their ideas, they helped in collecting some items to recycle.

They’ve got their hands busy in collecting and reusing egg cartons as an art and craft material.

The K2s managed their collection of recycled items and decided to make some games that could be of use. Simple recycled items like cereal boxes and bottle caps were used to make a game of tic tac toe and carom.

We made a trip down to the zoo to learn more about the importance of our actions in keeping the Earth green and how it affects not only human beings but other living things that’s sharing the Earth with us. With the recent passing of Inuka, our tropical polar bear, children were exposed to how reducing the usage of resources can help with the climate change.

Not only can we recycle unwanted items, children were also introduced to useful waste that can be recycled to help grow our garden. They collected cores of vegetables and fruits that were unwanted and dried leaves that were put into our compost machine to be recycled and reused as fertilisers for our “Teaching Garden” where they were held responsible to water and harvest the greens in the garden.

Children care for their garden and get to see their greens grow with help from the fertilisers from their compost in giving nutrients for their plants.

Not only they saw their greens grew overtime, they also made a discovery where other animals and insects gathered in their mini “Teaching Garden”.

Children then learnt that by keeping the Earth clean and green, they would also get to eat green. They harvested their greens and managed to pull off some dessert for them to enjoy.

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