Li Mei Hwa

My First Skool @ Boon Lay Blk 180B

Li Mei Hwa
20 Sep 2017

We turned off our lights and fans and had our lessons outdoors! (My First Skool @ 180B Boon Lay Drive)

Following our water rationing day previously, the children decided that they can do a little more by having a ‘Lights out!’ day on 12th September 2017.

Together as a class, we went out to our neighbourhood gardens to spend our day out under the sun. Initially the children were very excited and looked forward to the experience, however, soon the heat kicked in and they showed perseverance in their tasks given to them and completed them regardless.

I took this opportunity to share more about the importance of saving electricity and bring their attention to the amount of appliances that require energy. Their first task was to combat the heat. So they made pinwheels together!

After that, they helped to design posters to encourage more people to save electricity in their daily uses. 

After the activities, the children are seen paying more attention to our classroom electricity usage as they will often remind the teachers to switch off light and fans whenever we leave the classrooms!

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