Sunflower Preschool @ Punggol Field Walk

28 Aug 2018

Advocating for Climate Action

For the SSDB 2018 project, Sunflower kids @PFW participated the Climate Action Carnival organised by Sustainable Singapore Movement (SSM). SSM primarily aims to make our Singapore an environmentally clean and beautiful country and sustain our resources for many generations to come. The carnival was held at Marina Barrage on 2-3 June 2018. Sunflower kids showcased their climate action plan projects in combatting air pollution and maintaining balance in our local biodiversity. Some of our dear alumni, who are now in Primary School, happily discussed their previous learning journey whilst our preschool kids enthusiastically demonstrated couple of experiments affecting climate variables. They have conducted a workshop entitled ‘Biodiversity in a Bottle’, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy and balance biodiversity. They also showed various ‘Air Experiments’, which aim to demonstrate understanding that air exists and air has unique characteristics. Our pre-kindy also welcomed the Minister of the Environment and Water Resources Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad with a biodiversity rap. The Minister actively participated various environmental talks conducted by our dear alumni.#SSDB2018 #ClimateActionsg #sunflowerpfwadvocacy #naturelearner #multipleintelligentkids

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