Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus
30 Aug 2018

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @Pasir Ris  Elias Mall   -   Event:  Celebrate “Earth Day” at “Earth Week Carnival 2018” @Punggol Town Square on 19 April 2018

On 19 April 2018 (Thursday), our children joined Preschool Market for Earth Day” Celebration by participating in Earth Week Carnival 2018 at Punggol Town Square.

The theme for the event was “Recycle and Upcycle! Learning Carnival”. During the event, our children:

  • attended the following workshops organised by Preschool Marketing; and • Terrarium Making by Love Terrarium; and

• Worms Love Coffee by Cultivate Central.

  • learned environmental knowledge through interactive activities, games and fun skits.

Prior to the event, we took the opportunity to organise a picnic at open space beside Waterway Point Shopping Mall for our children.

Children enjoyed drawing during picnic.

Children enjoyed their meals before attending “Earth Day Carnival 2018” event.

At Punggol Town Square, Preschool Marketing, the event organiser, also arranged for some fringe activities for participating children.

At “Endangered Sea Animals Booth”, the children received pictures of sea animals and started colouring the pictures.

The children handed over their coloured pictures to the staff.

Then the staff scanned the pictures.

The children were able to touch and move the sea animals in the “sea” being showed on big interactive.

At “Recycling” Booth, it displayed some games that were made of recycling materials, Yakult bottles and etc.

Our K1 children attended the project on “Terrarium Making by Love Terrarium”.

They learned to create a little “garden” in a recycled bottle - Terrarium. They created their Terrarium from scratch.

They learned about growing plants in the bottle.

Our K2 children attended Worms Love coffee by Cultivate Central. First, an interacting session was conducted.

After interacting session, Children were given materials to explore the “world” of wriggly worms.

They learned about why worms were considered as friendly creatures, what they ate, how they moved and helped sustain life above ground.

Thereafter, they were asked to carry out “Coffee Art” activity. Through this workshop, they learned about nature.

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