Nurullasslinda Binte Pardi

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Panjang Blk 412 (CC)

Nurullasslinda Binte Pardi
30 Aug 2018

Pcf Sparkletots Preschool @Bukit Panjang BLK 412 SSDB Project (Part 2)

The teachers and children of PCF sparkletots continued their journey and mission on kindness and appreciation by conducting their very first Grandparents Day 2018!

The objective of this event is to encourage children to show their appreciation to their grandparents who have sacrificed their time to look after them and to nurture them the best way they can.

The event begins with the children leading a work out and encouraging all grandparents to join.The children wants their grandparents to remain active and healthy all year round! Thus, some simple moves were introduced to the grandparents to educate them on simple excersises that they can do anywhere at anytime to constantly improve on their range of motion and health!

After the workout, the grandparents were led back to the center whereby the children were all prepared and ready to serve and pamper their grandparents! There were five rooms, namely the

Check up room

In this room, the children will conduct free health check ups for their grandparents to ensure that they are healthy!

Massage room

Children are to massage their grandparents and ask their grandparents to relax! It is a great way to bond too!

Snack room

The children here will serve their grandparents delicious treats prepared by the teachers. They were given time to eat and have conversations with their grandparents!

Craft room

In this room, children and grandparents work hand in hand to create a photoframe of them having fun together!

Photobooth room

In this room children can take numerous pictures with their grandparents to document their lovely day forever!

Both the children and their grandparents enjoyed the day very much! The children have a better understanding on the different ways they can show kindness and appreciation; not only for their loved ones, but also to people in the community. The children are now more aware that little kind gestures can go a long way!

This SSDB project was definitely a meaningful one for both teachers and children!

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