Teacher Fadhilah

MFS - Blk 671 Jurong West

Teacher Fadhilah
7 Nov 2018

JW2 “Little Hands Big Heart” Charity Drive

This year, My First Skool @ JW2 had organized a charity drive where we barter traded dry goods for souvenirs that were done by our teachers and children. The children from infant class to Kindergarten 2 were involved in creating the souvenirs.

On the day of the event, children were involved in the barter trading with the parents. Parents and children were engaged at the game booths as well. Dry goods were donated generously by the parents.

The donation will be presented to NTUC Health Nursing Home (Jurong West) .

To conclude our Start Small Dream Big project, the Kindergarten 2 children will be visiting the home twice and present them with the donation.

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