Lam Caiyi, Michelle

Learning Vision @ Changi Airport

Lam Caiyi, Michelle
31 Aug 2018

LV@CA Transferring Seedling to Soil

The K2 children went outdoors with their bucket hats with one goal, to transfer their seedling and rooted plants from water to soil.

With the mixed soil from K1s, the children went to work on preparing the new spaces for their seedlings. They worked in groups to fill carton egg trays for their pepper seedlings and small pots for their spider plant.

They observed that the holes in the bottom of the pots were large, and learned that they can cover the holes with materials such as cotton wool, filter sponges and other materials that allows water to drain off while still keeping the soil in the pot.

First they laid the base with thinly stretched cotton pad.

Then, they filled the pot with mixed soil.

Next, they used their fingers to create a well in the middle of the pot for the rooted spider plant to be placed inside.

Lastly, the children transferred the spider plant into the pot. They top it up with more mixed soil and the transferring process is done.

The children continued their transferring work with the pepper seedlings and were really proud of their own successes, so are we. Fantastic work!

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