Tan Pei Qi

MOE Kindergarten @ Westwood

Tan Pei Qi
30 Sep 2018

Love Spreads from the Garden - Witness the Growth of Our Children and Plants

Cultivating the children’s love for the Nature doesn’t just stops at passing them the knowledge of the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Love for the Nature also begins when children observe the growth of plants and flowers. Concrete experiences reinforce the children’s learning and that’s what happened when the children took care of our garden plot of vegetables (Cai Xin). They even harvested them to give to the canteen vendors from Westwood Primary School.

Look at our plot of Cai Xin~ Organic and fresh!

Let’s work together to harvest, wash and pack our fresh Cai Xin!

Packaging is important too, let’s show our love with all the heart-shaped stickers!

We’re glad the canteen aunties are so happy to receive our home-grown Cai Xin. It makes us happy too!

The next few chapters of our SSDB journey are coming really soon so look out for them~

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