Tan Pei Qi

MOE Kindergarten @ Westwood

Tan Pei Qi
30 Sep 2018

Love Spreads from the Garden - When the Love for Nature Reproduces

Recycling is an ongoing process, as is developing the children’s love for the Nature. So what better way to integrate both than letting children grow their individual Cai Xin seedlings in recycled plastic bottles! All the K1 and k2 classes at MK@Westwood were involved in designing their recycled plastic bottles plant pots, planting and harvesting their own Cai Xin.

Being a gardener is hard work, but we can do it with the help of our teachers and friends!

Remember the steps for planting~

Watering the plants is just as important!

After a month of taking care of their plants, the Cai Xin is ready to be harvested! It’s a small amount but the experience is what counts!

Yay! We can bring our Cai Xin home to show our daddy and mummy!

It takes time and patience to grow a plant and our children demonstrated that when caring for their own plants during this planting process. Not everyone is born with “green fingers” but our efforts will bear “flowers” (oops we meant bear fruit) if we all try!

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