Lam Caiyi, Michelle

Learning Vision @ Changi Airport

Lam Caiyi, Michelle
31 Aug 2018

LV@CA How to Have a Happy Plant

Before the N2 nature explorers presented their learning experiences with the kindergarteners, they sat together to discuss about the tips to caring for plants.

They collectively listed down these points on “How to have a Happy Plant”:

  • We water the plant everyday

  • Say kind words to the plant

  • Look after the plant everyday

  • Put the plant in the sunlight

Then, they worked with the writing materials and craft resources to create a poster for others to learn their secret tips to having a HAPPY PLANT!

They shared their secret tips at the cross-level sharing and taught the others what they have learnt from their “Happy and Sad Plant” experiment.

Three cheers for spreading positivity!

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