Lam Caiyi, Michelle

Learning Vision @ Changi Airport

Lam Caiyi, Michelle
31 Aug 2018

LV@CA Germinating Seeds in Recycled Egg Tray

The K2s were also working on sowing and planting, just like the N2s. We harvested the fruit from a Roselle plant we have in the garden and waited for the seed pod to dry. After extracting the seeds from the fruit, we tried germinating it in the classroom.

Besides Roselle, we also extracted and germinated red pepper seeds from the fruiting plant we have. We recycled the common egg tray to create a seedling tray and laid the seeds in each pocket to start the germinating process. We watched as the pepper seeds sprouted quicker than the Roselle.

Shortly after, we noticed that the seedlings did not strive with water alone. Thus, we decided to transfer them into soil, where we can mix in nutrients through the use of fertilizers and compost from an earlier project the K1s did at the start of SSDB.

Read our next story on transferring seedlings to soil.

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