Lam Caiyi, Michelle

Learning Vision @ Changi Airport

Lam Caiyi, Michelle
31 Aug 2018

LV@CA Appreciating and Caring for Nature

During the project on gardening, the children from N2 were learning about the basic care for plants through first-hand experience. They were outside in the school’s mini garden, watering and observing the existing plants in the centre. The edible plants in the centre helped children understand importance of caring for the plants, enhancing their appreciation for the nature.

It stroke their curiosity to try sowing different kinds of plant to see if the growing process was similar. They tried planting onions and garlic bulbs, ginger root and lemon seeds. From scooping soil into their little containers, to sowing the bulb and seeds, and watering them. They waited patiently for the bulbs to sprout, then watched and charted the plant’s growth weekly.

The teachers even involved the parents by packing a Take-Home kit for each child and their family to sow seeds and care for them at home. Whole fruits like tomato, chili and papaya seeds from school’s lunch, were sent home in the kit. They had to extract seeds from the fruits then sow them into their planting cups. After a few weeks, children brought their seedlings back to school and shared their own experience with their peers.

New generation of urban farmers!

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