Sendaydiego Charmaine Balaba

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines East Blk 262 (EY)

Sendaydiego Charmaine Balaba
23 Aug 2018

CHARITY BAZAAR - Preparation

The children decided to make crafts using recycled materials and sell it during the centre’s open house - cum Charity Bazaar. 

They discussed and planned out what they wanted to make, the materials they need and how they would make it. They made a brief research through the internet and look for ideas on what craft to make. 

The children spent time and effort to be able to come up with their items for sale. Most of them even sacrifice their playtime to do the crafts! 

The children were really happy during this period. They were telling their parents about their project and that they would be helping other children once they sold their crafts. 

With this, the children learned to be selfless. They were making efforts and showing empathy towards other children. They start to become more aware that even though they’re still small they can dream big and help others too!

Most of them experience challenges like choosing between playing or making the crafts. They have learned to managed their time as well and sacrifice their own wants for the sake of a greater cause.

As a teacher watching over them and facilitating them, it made me feel fulfilment as I see them becoming selfless. It makes me proud too.

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