Nurul Faizah

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Clementi Blk 462A (KN)

Nurul Faizah
28 Jul 2017

To You With Love

This year’s Starts Small Dream Big has been a meaningful event for both children and parents as it is collaborated with our Innovation Guided Project called Creative Tinkers supported by ECDA. Children learnt ways on how to show their appreciations to their parents. We hope to see these children grow up with this value.

We set up tinkering space that would arouse the curiosity of the children, and allow them to engage in activities that encourage creative thinking, teamwork and collaboration. It was amazing to see how these children explore and talk among themselves as they discovered how things work such as how to light up LED light.

All children from the different levels enjoyed exploring with LED lights and produced ideas on how to apply the lights onto their gifts. The children then presented the appreciation gifts that they had made to their parents with lots of love!

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