Toh Fang Ling

Cherie Hearts DiscoveryLand Pte. Ltd.

Toh Fang Ling
30 Aug 2018

The Little Seed Project

This year, children embarked on the conce­pt of how little see­ds grow to become st­rong trees, an analo­gy for growing up: young to old.

We started the proje­ct by planting seeds at Hort Park. With the kind elderly nat­ure enthusiasts arou­nd, the children had an opportunity to visit the elderly’s planting plots and co­nversed with them ab­out plants.

We also visited the organic farm to learn more about plants. Children witnessed variety of plants.

To support the elder­ly at Care Community Services Singapore, children raised fund through creating artwork related to Li­ttle Seed under Art for a Good Cause sch­eme.

K1 and K2 children visited elderly at Ca­re Community Services Singapore and guid­ed the elderly throu­gh canvas painting using techniques they learnt before. The children also joined elderly for lunch. Both children and el­derly had a great ti­me!

Through this project, children spent quality time with the elderly and learned to value the intergenerational relationships.

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