Asriza Riduan

Kinderyears Childcare & Development Centre

Asriza Riduan
27 Aug 2018

The act of Appreciation starts young

Don’t forget, a person’s emotional need is to feel appreciated. - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

It’s never too early to sow the act of appreciation towards others. This project kicked start with a discussion together with the Kindergarten 1 & 2 children on how they would like to show their appreciation for the various Community Helpers they often see around the neighbourhood.

Ideas were given by the children to make cards for them and they could write messages with guidance from their parents at home to express their gratitude.

During our National Day celebration, we went round the neighbourhood to distibute our “Thank you!” Gift bags to the various community helpers we saw and had applaud them for their contribution.

Various reactions could be seen from them as they were being approached but were well responded once the children cheered them for their hardwork. This small project had definitely made the children proud of what they have done!

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