Teng Yiwen June

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Telok Blangah Blk 78A (DS)

Teng Yiwen June
29 Aug 2018

TB78A: Appreciating Our Environment

It has been a long time since we have first started our project “Appreciating Our Environment”. This year, we are very happy to have the support of our parents and our enthusiastic children to help us complete the project.

From the beginning, our parents and children supported our project by creating clothes from recycled materials and wearing them for our fashion show. It was really a fun filled event.

After that, we went for our very first event: Appreciating the people around us. After the kindness talk from SKM, the children learnt more about how they can be kind to one another, and what better time to showcase what they have learnt than the present? We let our children create a little gift to put in the kindness bag, along with their well wishes, and brought them for a neighbourhood walk where they gave these bags away. The shopkeepers in the neighbourhood sure felt appreciated, and the children also learnt a valuable lesson through this.

We went on to teach the children about appreciating the environment. The K2s very kindly painted 3 boxes and labelled them as: metal, paper and plastic. We encouraged the children to bring in the 3 types of recyclable materials and the response was overwhelming! Therefore, we took some recyclables and got the children to sort them out. The children learnt how to appreciate the fact that not all items that they didn’t want to use is trash, and that some of it can be used again.

To compliment their learning, the children went on neighbourhood walks to help keep the neighbourhood clean. Our children from TT to K2 participated in this activity and they divided the rubbish into recyclables and non recyclables, and collected the recyclables picked up, along with the recyclables they sorted out in school, to put them into the recycling bin.

Last but not least, the children also learnt how to appreciate the elderly, who have contributed a lot to the society. First, we found a few eldery day cares who are open to us visiting and prepared for the visit by practicing the dances and getting the art materials ready. Some of us even made little goodie bags for the eldery, completed with phrases like “thank you” or “nice to meet you” to make the elder’s day. On the day of the visits, we could see the eldery enjoying  the performances from the wide smiles on their faces. This taught the children how to appreciate the eldery.

We have a few more visits to the eldery day care centres as all classes from N2 to K2 are participating in this event. We will round up our project by sending out letters to parents about donations of old clothing, which we will then send to the organisations who need them. Overall, this project has been a huge success so far and we can’t wait for Term 4 to be here for our final flourish!

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