Ng Boon Leng

Learning Vision @ Vista Point

Ng Boon Leng
16 Aug 2017

SSDB 2017 : Appreciating Grandparents at Learning Vision @ Vista Point

Learning Vision @ Vista Point (Woodlands) sets aside the month of July, for the children to learn about the different ways of appreciating their grandparents, and at the same time showing care and concern for senior old folks.

THE LAUNCH (4 July 2017) : The children penned down their thoughts, and together they pledged as SSDB ambassadors, to observe and practise what they had learnt and understood.

VISIT TO SASCO SENIOR CITIZENS’ HOME (14 July 2017) : An arrangement was made for the Kindergarten 2 children, to visit the SASCO home. The visit started with song and dance performances by the children, which followed with them assisting and having some bonding time, chit-chatting with the old folks during the tea-break time. The centre also had a donation drive and received a generous donation from the parents, totalling of $915, which necessities were purchased for the SASCO home.

COMMUNITY WALK AT VISTA POINT (19 July 2017) : The K2 children went for a community walk around the Vista Point mall. They interacted with the public, and also did a mini-song performance, which brought bright smiles on the folks. 

THE CULMINATING EVENT - GRANDPARENTS’ APPRECIATION DAY (27 July 2017) : To mark the end of the event, the centre planned for a high-tea event for all the grandparents of the centre. The teachers and children enthusiastically prepared high-tea snacks for the grandparents who came for the event. It was a huge turn-up, with all grandparents waiting patiently for their precious grandchildren’s special performances just for them. For this event, the centre had a group of parent volunteers, who came in to assist in preparing and serving high-tea snacks to the grandparents.

A successful SSDB event, which all the children got to appreciate, and showing care and concern for their grandparents. “We love you, Grandpas and Grandmas!”

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