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Siti Nadiah Binti Abdul Gani
31 Aug 2017

Small Hands, Big Hearts

Small Hands, Big Hearts

SSDB kicked off with the theme “Small Hands, Big Hearts”. The teachers encouraged the children to contribute ideas on how to help others despite of their age. This project provided an opportunity for the children to help the society especially the chosen beneficiary, which was SAVH (Singapore Associate Visually Handicapped). Initially, the teachers had a lesson on “Being Kind to the People Around us” and hence, we linked it to this event and introduced the visually Handicapped as one of the groups in the society that we would like to help. The teachers then conduct activities and lessons for the children to have a deeper understanding towards them and how they can contribute even though they are still young.

Photo: A teacher is conducting a lesson about Braille, which helps the blind to navigate.

The teachers and children came to a consensus to create a bazaar sale and to focus on selling food and drinks that are healthy. Each class was in charge of a food that they had chosen to do and they were  rainbow fruit cups, corn cups, sandwiches, fruits jellies and smoothies. Children from all classes were involved in the preparation of the food as they worked together under the guidance of their teachers. 

Photo:There were parents who volunteered to help despite their busy schedule.

Photo: The toddlers concentrating on cutting up the fruit to prepare for Rainbow Fruit Cups

Photo: Mashing up the eggs Photo: Carefully pouring in the juice Photo: scoping the grapes into containers. 

During the bazaar, the children and teachers were all ready to receive customers as they put on their best smile to welcome them. Children took on roles such as selling, directing customers about how to purchase and serving the food. They showed enthusiasm and some tried their best to attract customers to increase sales.

Photo: Children working together to serve the customers.

Photo: A playgroup child pouring the corn into a cup using a ladle.

Photo: Children waiting to receive customers.

Photo : children serving their customers. 

The event was a success as almost all the food were sold out and it was all thanks to the supportive parents and staff. All proceeds were donated to the SAVH (Singapore Associate Visually Handicapped) and it was heartwarming and pleasant to see everybody coming together to contribute in every way possible be it big or small.

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