Samantha Chionh

Little Mighty Me

Samantha Chionh
27 Aug 2018

Singapore foodbank

The Kindergarten 1 children were excited to visit the Singapore foodbank warehouse after the talk to learn more about where and how the donated food end up at.

A tour was given to the children where they observed how the food was sorted into different groups. The expiry dates on the food was also very important. The children had the chance to locate and identify the expiry dates on the food products. 

Through this experience, the children acknowledged the importance of food and how extra food can be prevented from being wasted. They learnt that the Singapore Foodbank is one organisation that helps with managing food wastage in Singapore and it was an eye opener for the children, being able to visit the warehouse and learning about how the Singapore Foodbank works. 

Thank you Singapore Foodbank!

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