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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines East Blk 261 (kn)

Koh Mei Ching Adeline
29 Aug 2018

Sensorial Connections @ 261 : Part 3 Dining & Spa

Part 3 of our SSDB Project

Dining & Spa

President’s Challenge 2018

Beneficiary: Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH)

On 14 July 2018, our little ones came with their parent/sibling to participate in our Dining & Spa activity which is somewhat akin to SAVH very own ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience.

As there was overwhelming response, we split the attendees into 3 groups. Each group began with a briefing session. As the adult will be blindfolded, we needed to ensure that safety was in place!

After the briefing, the parents put on their blindfold and excited followed the children into the dining area.

There, we had a 3 course meal provided for them and much thought was put into what food to provide as we wanted to ignite their taste sensations as much as we could.

The children helped their parents and it was nice to see the children assisting their parents in handling their cutlery and their food. The reverse in responsibilities brought mixed emotions for their parents.

After the dining experience, the parents laughed when they took off their blindfolds and saw the mess they made. Some said that would make them think twice about reprimanding their children when they were eating.

The children then led the parents to the Spa area. Special beanbags (that were provided by one of our parents who ran the Laze Society company) were laid out for them. The parents settled themselves onto the beanbags and the children wiped their parents with the towels provided (these towels were also donated by one of our students’ grandparent).

The MP for Tampines GRC, Ms Cheng Li Hui also joined us in this experience.

Overall, we felt that it was a good experience in itself. The added amount that we managed to collect for the events was an added bonus!

One parent was so emotionally charged that she cried after the experience as she said she felt that the experience was so surreal and that she also had more empathy for the visually handicapped following this experience.

Next post will feature our parents’ feedback, donations received and the cheque presentation ceremony. Stay tuned!

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