Kiong Meei Ling

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Woodgrove Blk 334 (CC)

Kiong Meei Ling
31 Aug 2018

Save The Earth

Our centre took part in this year “Start Small Dream Big” project. Our theme is “Save The Earth.” The children were encouraged to reduce water & electricity usage and food wastage. They were encouraged to reuse and recycle some recyclable materials.

We brainstormed together on how to save the Earth. The children were able to give some ideas on how to save the Earth.

We drew up the blinds and switched off the lights during our snack every day to save electricity.

As part of our project, our centre conducted a simple water rationing exercise where the tap water was turned off for 2 hours for a week. The objective was to educate the children the importance of water. This allowed them to experience using water from the watering can to wash hands and minimised water wastage.

Our teachers taught the children to reuse and recycle daily items such as plastic bottles, toilet rolls and old t-shirts and made them into crafts and recycling bags.

We shared our knowledge with our community by creating “Save water” brochures. The brochures were drawn by our K2 students and coloured by our N2 to K2 students. The K1 and K2 students distributed the brochures to our neighbours in our block and shared with them the knowledge on how to save water.

In conjunction with our theme, “Save the Earth”, we will be holding a charity event in October selling items made by the students using recyclable materials. The proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Society.

This has been a fruitful experience for both the teachers and the students. The students learnt how to save the Earth through these hands-on activities. This experience also served as an opportunity for students to gain awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving our natural resources and that even small acts when multiplied can make huge impact on our society.

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