Salina Binte Kasimon

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Salina Binte Kasimon
22 Jul 2018

Project C.A.R.E. by the K2s

We officially joined the Red Cross Junior Club during our Racial Harmony Day Celebrations on 21 July 2018.

We were very happy to have The Red Cross Society to join us on that day to spread the message of love and care for ourselves and others, especially towards the elderly and the differently abled people.

We also invited our MP for Fengshan SMC, Ms Cheryl Chan, Director of Services and Youth at Singapore Red Cross, Mr Sahari and our Executive Principal, Ms Alice Chan to grace the event.

Our Centre Principal, Mdm Nyo Cheng Cheng (far left) with our special guests.

This was the entourage who welcomed our MP, Ms Cheryl Chan. Look at our gorgeous Ethnic wear!

We introduced ourselves to our friends and the public about our community project with Singapore Red Cross. Three of our representatives read the messages on how we can spread care to others in the society.

We also recited the pledge and sang a song to launch our participation in the Red Cross Junior Club with the Singapore Red Cross.

We invited our beloved grandparents to thank them for taking care of us while our parents are at work. They received a certificate of appreciation from us, their grandchildren. It was a proud moment. 

After the celebrations were over, all of us head over to our SSDB and Singapore Red Cross booths to look at our work on display, and doing the activities prepared for us. We called our parents and Ms Cheryl Chan to join us too!

We were very happy to make our involvement a huge success. We are mid-way through the project and we can’t wait to show more care to all of you!

Till then,

Love from the K2s 💖

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