Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
4 Aug 2018

NurtureStars Punggol's Mother's Day Celebration! Connecting, Communicating and Caring through Cookie Making!

Like any charity work, the altruistic act of baking with and for others can contribute to an overall sense of well-being and connection with other people in the world, hence the Nursery and K1 students of NurtureStars Punggol thought it was a perfect idea of commemorating Mother’s Day! Why not bake with our mothers who have been giving us only the best right from birth.

The children from K1 and Nursery invited their moms for a cookie making session to connect, communicate and care for their respective Moms as an act of reciprocation for all the love they have showered upon them!

Throughout this meaningful event, the children understood that baking and preparing a dish together took clear communication in order to succeed. As the mothers read through the recipes and instructed their little ones on a steps required, we realised that both mother and child were enhancing their communication skills; the children were learning how to communicate instructions based on their Mom’s modeling and Moms were learning new ways to explain things so that their child could understand. In fact, we felt that this give, take, and adaptation is an important life skill for us all to practice, as communication doesn’t end in childhood!

The event also englightened Moms that working side-by-side, talking through a recipe, measuring, mixing, pouring; were opportunities to deepen their connections with their little one. Busy hands lead to stories of the day or pretend stories of the task at hand. Beyond connecting and communicating with one another, we seized the opportunity to highlight to Moms that baking can connect across these concepts, bundling disciplines together. For example, a “failed” recipe: Did the dish burn? (understanding time) Did the dough not rise? (science in action) Were enough scoops of flour added? (basic math) Was the recipe followed correctly? (reading foundations) and so on.

At the end of the day, it was a win-win situation for both Moms and children! The event ended on a sweet note of caring for our Moms by presenting the Moms with the cookies baked with love, flowers made by recycled materials and of course lots of photo taking! Well done children! #SSDB2018

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