Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
20 Aug 2018

NurtureStars Punggol nurturing Punggol Waterway Park through pruning & park clean up in August 2018!

“Trees which are pruned, watered and nurture by caring hands bear the greatest fruit; it is same with people.” - Bryant McGill

This August, our nature-loving children from NurtureStars Punggol with caring hands, yet again headed down to Punggol Waterway Park for our monthly gardening activity in collaboration with NParks.

The children from Nursery level were assigned to do park clean up this time round. With pride, they headed down to their gardening plot which they have been working on over the past two months. The children braved the heat with their #SSDB bucket hats, held on to their trash bags and picked up all the dried leaves the could spot. These dried leaves was collected by NParks to be used for mulching at a later date.

Meanwhile the children from K1 and K2 classes learnt all about pruning! Miss Amanda from NParks expounded on the definition of pruning, the purpose of pruning, the tools used for pruning and last but not least the safety precautions that has to be taken while pruning the garden. The children were enlightened and amused. They excitedly put on the gloves, #SSDB bucket hats and got down to work.

At the end of the gardening session, the children were able to explain that pruning means to trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems. They were also able to list three reasons on why pruning is essential such as encouraging healthy growth, to improve the aesthetics of the garden, and to train the  growing pattern of a plant or to restrict growth. They learnt a secateur is the tool used to do pruning and how to use a secateure safely. They learnt to identify the areas in the garden which required pruning. It was such a pleasurable sight to behold when the children from K1 and K2 classes practised turn-taking by waiting patiently for their turn to use the secateurs. While waiting for their turn, they kept themselves busy by weeding and picking up of dried leaves for mulching. Indeed we felt that this programme has been a success thus far, as children are able to remember and practice what they have learnt over the past two months!

At the end of the day, it was yet another fulfilling, hands-on day we’ll spent at the gardening acquiring knowledge about out environment! Well done children and staff! We are truly looking forward to the gardening activity in store for us next month! Bring it on!

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