Siti Julaika Bte Mohamad Sukor

My First Skool @ Blk 229 Ang Mo Kio

Siti Julaika Bte Mohamad Sukor
26 Sep 2018

MK8 Little Hands, Big Hearts

From our previous visits to Ang Mo Kio COMNET Senior Services, the children developed positive relationship with the elderlies there. It was a heartwarming sight seeing the interaction and bond between the children and elderlies.

Back in the centre, the children shared their experiences at Ang Mo Kio COMNET Senior Services. Some of them shared how they developed care for the elderlies and discussed the importance of being respectful to their elders. Hence, we decided to encourage the children to display these positive pro-social values by inviting their grandparents for breakfast in the centre. On 7 August 2018, the children, together with their grandparents, were involved in a sandwich-making activity where they prepared sandwiches for their breakfast. After breakfast ended, the children gave their grandparents a gift of relaxation in the form of gentle massages.

They say one of the greatest gifts one can give is time, and indeed, the grandparents and children were happy and appreciative of each other’s company.

On 15 August 2018, we continued with our bi-monthly visits to Ang Mo Kio COMNET Senior Services for another rewarding session of an elderly-child bonding activity. This time round, instead of the usual craft activities, the K1 and K2 children engaged the elderlies in a game that they liked best. They introduced to them the BINGO game and partnered up with them as each child took turns to call out the numbers. This session was a perfect example of how a simple game could put a smile on the elderlies’ faces.

To conclude our SSDB project which is also in conjuction with Children’s Day, the children are in the midst of upcycling crafts for a centre fund-raising event. Some of them include peg coasters, handheld mirrors, etc. The proceeds will be contributed to Bright Horizon Fund (BHF). We are certainly looking forward to this meaningful event!

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